Richland Community Center Rentals


The Community Center has rooms available for community events, meetings, corporate functions, weddings and similar gatherings. Availability is subject to dates and times that do not pose a conflict with previously scheduled recreational programming.

Riverview Room
The Riverview Room is 3,300 square feet in size and has the capacity to hold 450 people (standing) and 225 people (seated). It is the largest room in the Center with a spectacular view of the park and river and hardwood flooring. The room may be divided in half for smaller events.


The Kitchen is available for community events and limited private rentals. Senior Meals on Wheels program will use/share kitchen space from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The is adjacent to the Riverview Room (north).

Games Room
Games Room is 1,000 square feet with a capacity for 77 people (standing) and 64 people (seated). This room is primarily used for card games, board games, and educational programs, as well as to provide meeting space for community groups.

Arts and Crafts Room
The Arts and Crafts Room is 660 square feet with a concrete floor. Capacity for 40 people. Use is for arts and crafts actitvities and educational classes scheduled by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Activity Room
The Activity Room is 900 square feet in size, with a capacity of 120 people (standing) and 60 people (seated). It also contains hardwood floors and a great view of the park and river.

Meeting Room
The Meeting Room is 631 square feet in size and has the capacity to hold 32 people. It is a multi-purpose room that can be used for meetings, lectures, and small group recreational activities.

The Lounge is open during the Center's normal operational hours to sit and visit, have lunch or a snack, read and relax.

Conference Room
The Conference Room is used for small group meetings up to 10 people. You may call (509) 942-7529 to check availability, but must rent in person at the Richland Community Center Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm. It is free to non-profit groups with their non-profit tax number at the time of rental.


  • Riverview (full)      $90.75 per hour   
  • Riverview (half)     $67.75 per hour 
  • Activity/Games      $61.00 per hour  
  • Meeting Room       $46.00 per hour 
  • Arts & Crafts          $46.00 per hour   
  • Kitchen                  $30.25 per hour
  • Conference           $14.00 per hour

Non Resident:

  • Riverview (full)         $136.75 per hour   
  • Riverview (half)        $104.50 per hour   
  • Activity/Games         $91.00 per hour 
  • Meeting Room         $67.75 per hour  
  • Arts & Crafts            $67.75 per hour   
  • Kitchen                    $46.25 per hour
  • Conference             $20.50 per hour


  • Riverview (full)     $218.25 per hour   
  • Riverview (half)    $163.75 per hour
  • Activity/Game       $131.00 per hour 
  • Meeting Room      $109.25 per hour
  • Arts & Crafts         $109.25 per hour  
  • Kitchen                 $72.75 per hour 
  • Conference           $31.25 per hour


  • Riverview (full)        $46.25 per hour  
  • Riverview (half)       $34.00 per hour 
  • Activity/Games        $30.25 per hour
  • Meeting Room        $15.75 per hour
  • Arts & Crafts           $15.75 per hour   
  • Kitchen                    $19.50 per hour
  • Conference             No charge with non-profit number

Riverview Room: $200.00 Refundable Damage Deposit
All other rooms: $150.00  Refundable Damage Deposit
W/alcohol: City contract & $1,000,000 Liquor Liability Insurance, applicable permits/licenses, $425 refundable damage deposit. For additional information call (509) 942-7529. Fees are hourly and in effect through 01/01/17.