Trail at Howard Amon 

Tips for Trail Use

  • Remember to always be courteous to fellow trail users.
  • On trails frequented by rollerbladers, bicyclists, joggers, walkers, etc., be willing to yield the right-of-way for the safety of all concerned.
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on trails.
  • Always keep to the right, pass on the left. Bicyclists, ring your bell or give an audible signal when passing.
  • Reduce speed when encountering others and when approaching curves or areas with limited sight distance.
  • Pedestrians, please do not block the entire path.
  • Keep pets leashed and under control. Be aware of others.
  • Respect the environment and help keep our beautiful parks litter free.

View a printable 11x17 map of the City of Richland trails

For more information on trails and transportation planning for our region, visit the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments.

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