Week #1 - Community Resources

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Hello, Junior Ranger! This weeks topic is "Community Resources"!

The Manhattan Project used two important resources to build the world’s first atomic bombs, people and technology. Many engineers and scientists (people) who worked on the Manhattan Project developed technology that we use today. Manhattan Project engineers and scientists created new technology to use natural resources like uranium to produce plutonium for atomic bombs. Atomic energy and weapons, radar, computers, and GPS are all technologies produced as a result of World War II. The technology produced during World War II and at the Manhattan Project helped to end World War II and even led to astronauts landing on the Moon!

What resources can you think of that you use every day?

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Ranger Week 1 Video:


 Parks and Recreation Week 1 Activity - Outdoor Activity - Geocaching/EarthCache (downloadable pdf)


Richland Public Library Week 1 Activity - Indoor Activity – Build a Robot (downloadable pdf)


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