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 Tour Richland

Tour Richland 

Richland's Communication and Marketing Office presents informative and educational videos to bring people, places, and programs directly into the comfort of your home or mobile device. 

Learn  more about your community by clicking on the images below. 


Tour a City Service

Richland Wa Firemen in front of a truck

Click on image for a video-tour of a Richland Fire Truck  


                                Explore Richland's Water Utility                          Explore Richland's Wastewater Treatment Plant

                                    Tour the Richland Water Treatment Plant                                   Wastewater (Sewer) Treatment Plant Tour

                     Explore Richland Garbage Truck and Landfill          

              Visit the Richland Horn Rapids Landfill 


Learn About the Community

                         Explore Candy Mountain with volunteer and show producer           Explore Richland 4 Paws Dog Training Facility with white dog

                                              Take a Tour of Candy Mountain                                An exciting 17,000 square foot dog training facility

                       Dupus Boomer Cartoon Ties in with Prefab Houses           Explore the Historic Triton Submarine & Sail Park

                                 A Historic Overview of the Alphabet Homes                            Take a Tour of the Triton Sail Park 

                        Tour on a kayak Yakima River Delta         Explore Jeanette Taylor Skate Park

                                Experience the Yakima River & Tapteal Trail                                  Richland's Jeanette Taylor Skate Park

Explore Richland Senior Association - Fun adults on bus           

                                                                                       Fun for Seniors - Richland Senior Association